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Client:  Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd

Project:  Albion Park Rail Bypass

Value:  $3M>


  • Stormwater Drainage (FRC, RCP)

  • Precast Pit Installation

  • Precast Headwall Installation

  • Modifications to existing pits and pipes

  • CCTV Inspection


Client:  Lendlease Services Pty Ltd

Project:  Calderwood Valley Development

Value:  $1.2M>


  • Stormwater Drainage (375mm - 1800mm)

  • Precast Pit Installation

  • Cast-insitu Pit Installation

  • Pre-cast Kerb Lintel Installation

  • Cast-insitu Lintel & Grate Installation

  • Kerb to Boundary Stormwater

  • GPT Installation

Client:  Australian Defence Force, Laing O'Rourke, John Holland

Project:  Moorebank Unit Relocation

Value:  $1.8M>


The MUR Project involved upgrading and replacing the existing Holsworthy Barracks site as part of the Australian Governments plan to consolidate and upgrade the existing facilities.


CBK constructed a portion of the onsite stormwater drainage for the foundation and services stage of the upgrade. Working with 20t excavators crews dug deep trenches to construct large diameter on grade stormwater networks (including pipe and manholes).


This involved working to strict safety requirements and interfacing with a large number of contractors on a huge site. CBK also completed extensive restoration of surfaces following the works.

Client: Robson Civil Projects Pty Ltd (for Lendlease)

Project:  South Coast Correctional Centre

Value: $1M<


  • Stormwater Drainage

  • GBT Installation

  • Pre-Cast & Cast-instu Pit Installation

  • Concrete Paving

  • Excavate, Pour & Form Footing

  • Service Locating

  • Plant, Equipment and Labour Hire

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