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Client: Sydney Water and RDR Infrastructure

Project:  Picton Sewage Treatment Plant Irrigation upgrade

Value: $500K>

The Picton Farm is a facility surrounding the Picton Sewage Treatment plant where treated wastewater is used for irrigation. The project involved expansion of the current irrigation system with installation of 11km of lateral piping, controlled by 45 separate solenoid valve arrangements that feed over 500 sprinklers.


The expansion was required to accommodate the additional sewage flows from the recently connected townships of Bargo and Buxton.


Working alongside protected Environmental areas in the heat and the down pour on a spread out site made for a challenging project. CBK was proud to deliver to the satisfaction of its clients, on Schedule and with a high standard of Safety, Quality and environmental protection.


Special measures for bushfire risks were required due to the hot weather as well as significant interfacing with other contractors on site. The CBK team, supported by RCR Infrastructure, are proud to contribute to improving environmental health and water quality in the area.

"CBK installed over 500 sprinklers, 45 solenoid valve arrangements and 11km of irrigation laterals on schedule and to a high standard of Quality, Safety and Environmental protection. We look forward to working with CBK again on our next project".

– Suresh Pavey, Project Engineer, RCR Infrastructure

Client: John Holland

Project:  Camden Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Value: $1.1M>


John Holland was appointed by Sydney Water to undertake the upgrading and amplifying of the biosolids treatment processes at West Camden Water Recycling Plant.


CBK worked with John Holland to help construct three new digesters and refurbish existing digesters to improve the heating and mixing.  Works completed by CBK involved:

  • Early works / enabling works

  • Service locating and potholing

  • Existing service relocation to accommodate new work

  • Installation of valves and process piping


CBK crews are proud to have contributed to meeting the needs of future population growth within the West Camden wastewater catchment and improve the quality of the treated wastewater discharges to the Nepean River.

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